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Smartphones and tablets are finding greater and greater adoption within the enterprise, and companies are deploying (or have plans to deploy) - wireless devices within the enterprise network to give them access to a wide range of data assets within the network and cloud. Mobile data consumption is increasing just as wireless providers are moving away from unlimited data plans. WindSpring’s DMT can address some of the issues of implementing a wireless optimization solution. WindSpring can help Mobile solutions providers answer the following questions:
  • How can I reduce data consumption of my application or service? Do you need to provide off-line access to data?
  • Are there applications you’d like to deploy on a tablet or smartphone?

Key issues to address when implementing compression
Mobile solutions are sensitive to communications size, compression ratio, and memory utilization.

DMT provides enhanced communications compression that is effective for traditional web access as well as the transfer of large files and or email attachments. Mobile solutions utilize DMT in a client server architecture to minimize wireless data traffic. DMT provides tools that allow the compression ratio and communications speed to be tested for a balance of transmission performance and compression ratio.

How can Mobile Solutions Providers get started with DMT?
You can learn more about our DMT product by visiting the product page or by reading one of our white papers.

A great way to experience benefits of DMT, is to sign up for our free 30 evaluation. Contact our sales team for more information or to learn more about our solutions:

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