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Data Miniaturization Technology (DMT):
DMT provides a flexible and powerful software solution, by enabling data to be miniaturized to a fraction of its original size, and then fully manipulated (i.e., seek, search, edit and retrieve) in its loss-less Miniaturized Data Format (MDF).

DMT - Edit in Place:
MDF is ideally suited for accessing and editing navigation data used in on-line and off-line GPS navigation. Here, the large amounts of update data often preclude timely system upgrades resulting in inaccurate navigation and POI data and poor user experience. DMT can provide the user with a richer experience by reducing the time to send update information, providing a mechanism to update compressed stored data, and enabling the application of on-line real-time updates to stored datasets.

Incremental Display Updates:
WindSpring SDK provides an elegant software-based solution for the data challenges presented by the next generation of mobile device display applications. WindSpring SDK utilizes WindSpring‟s patented Data Miniaturization Technology (DMT) to transform image tiling formats into WindSpring‟s new Micro Data Format (MDF).MDF is ideally suited for display rendering applications such as on-line GPS navigation, where large amounts of data often slow system performance and communications.

Solving Today's Storage Optimization Challenges:
The volume of digital information being created is skyrocketing as rich multimedia becomes ubiquitous, regulatory requirements force long-term retention of data and the move to cloud computing brings more content to the edges of the network. IDC predicts that by 2020, nearly 40 million petabytes of data will be created annually, and available storage is predicted to grow to just over 20 million petabytes. IDC predicts that in the same time enterprise storage will grow into a $50 billion industry.

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