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Data Management Tools (DMT)
WindSpring’s patented Data Management Technology provides a framework for optimized compressed data management in the mobile, storage and embedded marketplace.

DMT is an integrated suite of interchangeable compression Codec’s designed to address data storage, data access, and compression performance.

Mobile Data Compression

DMT manages storage by dynamically selecting the best compression system based on the type of storage being created or accessed. DMT’s content aware system also selects the best CODEC for compression of the data in a particular storage system.

DMT manages access by providing block level access to compressed data. DMT can achieve near native data transfer speeds. DMT provides improved cloud, network and local compressed transfers.

DMT provides both compression and message CODECs allowing communications to be optimized for small and large messages.

DMT accelerates the performance of applications that no longer have to decompress entire files to access the data within them. DMT provides a fully integrated data caching system to improve response times for access to frequently used data, as well as recently accessed data.

Finally, DMT provides the analysis data needed to tune the systems. From compression rates, through access speed and caching performance, DMT provides detailed analytics to allow selection of the best configuration.

Operating Systems Supported:
Windows, XP, NT, Vista, 7, Server, Apple OSX, Linux

Development Environments Supported:
Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, XCode, Eclipse

Mobile Operating Systems Supported:
IOS, Android, WebOS, Windows CE, Mobile, Phone


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